Finland Visa

Finland Visa

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(134 customer reviews)

Finland Visa Process

Apply your Schengen Visa with us and we will guide you step by step to obtain your visa  Documents required to obtain a Schengen visa:

  • Passports of the travelers valid for six months or more.
  • UAE residence visa valid for 4 months or more.
  • 2 Recent photo white background passport size
  • Personal bank statement ( 3 months ) – original with bank stamp
  • NOC letter from your employer/proof of your business ownership. Sample <Click here>
  • Proof of business ownership (for business owners/partners) example trade license copy with your name on it.
  • Vaccine Certificate Download from Al Hosn.

Process: (Real Time Visa Tracking) 


Finland Visa why UrgentTravel™?

  • Licensed by DED and Dubai Tourism
  • 100% Form filling as per requirement.
  • Our Staff are over 5 years experience in Schengen.
  • Minimal documentation.
  • 98% success rate check our review
  • Urgent and Normal Process.
  • Group and Family Discounts

134 reviews for Finland Visa

  1. Resesh Negu 1 597 EU1

    An extremely wonderful experience to deal with a very helpful and service oriented staff. Made the process look to easy and simple. Strongly recommended for all other country visa requirements. UK 597 schengen2

  2. Pierric Duthoit 1 596 EU1

    Efficient, fast and reliable service to get visas for CIS. UK 596 schengen2

  3. Honey Sendeep 1 605 EU1

    I approached Zabeel Star for an urgent Visa process with just 4 days in hand and they delivered me the Visa in 3 days promptly ????. One Mr. Aldrich was very kind enough to even give me a discount and Mr. Arif constantly kept in touch with the Visa status and handed over the visa promptly. UK 605 schengen2

  4. eli hemidi 1 590 EU1

    Good service UK 590 schengen2

  5. Luis Jr. Villelobos 1 564 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed…. Got my visa Faster UK 564 schengen2

  6. Christien ebedes 1 563 EU1

    Ms Karen is very much accomodative to all concern. Very detailed and straight forward to all inquiries. Her hospitality and kindness as a coordinator is outstanding. UK 563 schengen2

  7. Nonoy Officiel Chennel 1 542 EU1

    Great and perfect they make my visa for just a short days…thank you Sir aldrich UK 542 schengen2

  8. Seleh emer 1 562 EU1

    The service is amazing. Especially from Nila, she’s so welcoming and kind. Big up guys! UK 562 schengen2

  9. Sulten el theker 1 561 EU1

    Many thanks to Ms. Karen, She is really Excellent and professional , I got the required visa (JAPAN) without any difficulties, she help me to get all required documents – tickets, hotel, form , plan – every thing was provided perfectly . i advice every one to apply through Zabeel star, to avoid the rejection. Thank you KAREN . Thank You ZABEEL STAR Rafi UK 561 schengen2

  10. SeFE LIFE 1 560 EU1

    I really very glad to write this statement because I got best service from Zabeel Star Travel & Tourism for Thailand Visa and I appreciate Miss Nilla support and guidance. Thanking you Miss Nilla and Zabeel Travel. Wish you all the best in future. Regards Faheem Baloch UK 560 schengen2

  11. M Mohemmed 1 559 EU1

    Excellent good ???? service……. one of the best in Dubai UK 559 schengen2

  12. Zeineb Meshoor 1 589 EU1

    The service exceeded my expectations in terms of professionalism and response compared to other agencies. I needed an urgent visa to India last week and they managed to really help me out, got everything together for me in a couple of hours and the visa in two days! Was entirely seamless for me. Just put in my Schenghen visa with them now, application process was very quick and easy. Highly recommend their services Thank you!!! UK 589 schengen2

  13. Sethishkumer enenden 1 558 EU1

    Lovely Services UK 558 schengen2

  14. nime seddighi 1 595 EU1

    Great and quick service! UK 595 schengen2

  15. Merie eJ Punzelen 1 588 EU1

    Aldrich was absolutely professional. He updated me all through out the process. It was just a bit of a hassle at first for the interview and the paper details but was sorted out very quickly! I recommend this Company to anyone whose going to Russia. The Courier guy was so rude, he hasn’t called me earlier in advance to have my dosh ready(cash). Aldrich has sorted it out over the phone with the courier guy. Very impressed and satisfied with the Team, will come back again. UK 588 schengen2

  16. Jeirej Rejen Visa 2022 477 EU1

    Good option to obtain Thailand Visit Visa Best Services in UK Visa support service 2022 for United Kingdom UK 477 schengen2

  17. Lilo Gurneni Visa 2022 478 EU1

    WOW service in Dubai. Got it done quick Best Services in UK Visa support service 2022 for United Kingdom UK 478 schengen2

  18. emin zede Visa 2022 479 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster.x Best Services in UK Visa support service 2022 for United Kingdom UK 479 schengen2

  19. Nesser ebdulleh 1 585 EU1

    (Translated by Google) The honesty is excellent (Original) الصراحة ممتاز UK 585 schengen2

  20. Feris ebdulkhedir 1 584 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster 32 UK 584 schengen2

  21. ehmed fehmey 1 583 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster………….. UK 583 schengen2

  22. Dubei Compeny 1 582 EU1

    Fast, smooth and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster UK 582 schengen2

  23. Khelil Hossein 1 581 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster……………… UK 581 schengen2

  24. emin zede 1 580 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster.x UK 580 schengen2

  25. Lilo Gurneni 1 579 EU1

    WOW service in Dubai. Got it done quick UK 579 schengen2

  26. Jeirej Rejen 1 578 EU1

    Good option to obtain Thailand Visit Visa UK 578 schengen2

  27. Zefren Yeseen 1 577 EU1

    Quite impressive service ???????????? UK 577 schengen2

  28. ehmed Muhenne 1 557 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster….. UK 557 schengen2

  29. elieh nyemunde 1 541 EU1

    Nilla was so helpful and very professional keep up the good work will definitely recommend Zabeel to my friends and family UK 541 schengen2

  30. Michel Khedij 1 604 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster““ UK 604 schengen2

  31. zuheib wer 1 576 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster.j UK 576 schengen2

  32. Mehe Eljechi 1 603 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, UK 603 schengen2

  33. eYOUB eLZeROUNI 1 575 EU1

    amazing office UK 575 schengen2

  34. khalid kassim 1 532 EU1

    excellent experience UK 532 schengen2

  35. Nusret ershed 1 594 EU1

    Gr8 service from Mr. ARIF….. UK 594 schengen2

  36. Montie bejej 1 556 EU1

    I had great service from Ms nilla . All the commitments were fulfilled .keep up the good work ,highly recommend zabeel star travels . UK 556 schengen2

  37. Monir el-Mideni 1 540 EU1

    Just ask for Mohammed Qasim, he is your man Very efficien, into details, will keep you posted all the time and the most important thing, he is very friendly. Thank you Mohammed UK 540 schengen2

  38. super Sere 1 602 EU1

    Good service ,we were updated everyday about our visas . Mr Mohammed Arif Ali was so helpful and did an amazing job which will let us ask for there service when ever it’s needed UK 602 schengen2

  39. geerzcert KGLTReDING 1 601 EU1

    Again happy customer to you, i recived my visa as earliest. Thank you very much zabeel star… UK 601 schengen2

  40. Tesewer Khen 1 587 EU1

    Zabeel Star is the best Travel and Tourism service in the UAE. All of experience staff are working there and very good service, fast and very professional team. I recommended to anyone planning to apply for Thailand, Singapore or Malaysia visa. UK 587 schengen2

  41. nik kselev 1 574 EU1

    (Translated by Google) I chose this company for some coincidence and almost regretted it, I tried a safari tour for the first time, got very good and positive emotions, a week later I decided to take a city tour from the same company, I also impressed no less, atmospheric and ponktuly, everything at the highest level and for the most pleasant surprise received the third round as a gift) (Original) Выбрал эту компанию по некоторым стечениям обстоятельствам и не чуть не пожалел об этом , впервые попробовал тур по сафари , получил очень хорошие и положительные эмоции , через неделю решил взять тур по городу у этой же компании , тоже впечатлил не менее , атмосферно и понктуально , все на высшем уровне и на самое приятное удивление получил третий тур в подарок ) UK 574 schengen2

  42. ehmed Nebewy 1 573 EU1

    Was great and fast service , would recommend to other for sure UK 573 schengen2

  43. Merie Shersh 1 555 EU1

    Applied for a Russian visa for my husband. Visa was issued as promised, on time. Very happy with service UK 555 schengen2

  44. Jesreen Gujrel 1 539 EU1

    Very good service by Neela, everything was updated on email. Fast and efficient service. Thank u. UK 539 schengen2

  45. khalid kassim 1 531 EU1

    excellent and fast UK 531 schengen2

  46. Herrys Trevlog 1 538 EU1

    Nila was extremely professional. Keep this up! UK 538 schengen2

  47. Gopineth Theyyil 1 537 EU1

    I experience best service with Zabeel Star Travel….Thanks to the team ! UK 537 schengen2

  48. weleed elein 1 572 EU1

    (Translated by Google) The best tourist office and the director of the office human beings and blessings in which treatment is very distinct and advise his advice strongly to me tourism services (Original) أفضل مكتب سياحي صراااحه ومدير المكتب إنسان خلوق والنعم فيه معاملته جدا متميزة وانصح صراااحه بقوه للي يبغي خدمات سياحية UK 572 schengen2

  49. Salim Talib 530 EU1

    Very High quality services for a fraction of the price compared to other Travel and Tourism agencies in UAE UK 530 schengen2

  50. fadi aboughnaim 529 EU1

    Well Done.. Got my service on time. UK 529 schengen2

  51. shruti murali 528 EU1

    Tabalat version of Government services UK 528 schengen2

  52. mohamad el hajj 527 EU1

    Super Service in Dubai UK 527 schengen2

  53. Gloria D’souza 526 EU1

    I had missing documents and they covered me with instant photo and got my visa faster UK 526 schengen2

  54. Safeer kh 525 EU1

    Quick and professional team UK 525 schengen2

  55. sakina vohra 524 EU1

    Very helpful and efficient staff..amazing experience UK 524 schengen2

  56. Tariq Mhmood 523 EU1

    Best Team, Clear Communication and done online UK 523 schengen2

  57. Noon nour 522 EU1

    Sultan is the best advicer. Try calling him and he will have it sorted UK 522 schengen2

  58. Amer Bakry 521 EU1

    Second time and my worries are gone, Amin made it happen UK 521 schengen2

  59. Rodney Kincaid 520 EU1

    Thank you all, I traveled on time. UK 520 schengen2

  60. Faisal Farooq 519 EU1

    Fast and easy, Best team and clear communication UK 519 schengen2

  61. al burhan prints 518 EU1

    Got my Ghana on time UK 518 schengen2

  62. Marlies Zilkens 517 EU1

    more than 10 stars UK 517 schengen2

  63. I A 516 EU1

    Very professional with highly skilled and efficient staff. Work is done within the promised time period and services offered is surely value for money. UK 516 schengen2

  64. Reham Abdelrahim 515 EU1

    Number 1 Travel agent UK 515 schengen2

  65. Olga Cobzac 514 EU1

    Make sure to bring cash, as you might have a surprise them having the credit card machine not working. Not bad overall regards to service a bit of better attitude wouldn’t hurt UK 514 schengen2

  66. Kris Abad 513 EU1

    Fast and reliable service! Very accomodating… UK 513 schengen2

  67. Vikes Periher 1 536 EU1

    excellent service by Karen UK 536 schengen2

  68. Umer Qeyyum 1 535 EU1

    Zabeel Star is the best Travel and Tourism service in the UAE. All of experience staff are working there and very good service, fast and very professional team. I recommended to anyone planning to apply for anywhere. Great personality Mohammad Qasim thanks to miss karen and Mr Arif. UK 535 schengen2

  69. Eileen Chong 512 EU1

    Very happy with the service. Super professional and personalized service. UK 512 schengen2

  70. James I 511 EU1

    in 2 days .. I got my visa. Well done UK 511 schengen2

  71. hamad alnajjar 5EU1

    beat services UK 510 schengen2

  72. Tamer Elmaabady 509 EU1

    Amazing friendly company .. they’ve achieved and got my visa on time.. thanks Mariam thanks Aldrich UK 509 schengen2

  73. Darvesh Aziz 508 EU1

    I am investor in UAE ,anybody guide me how can i get belgian visa along with my wife? UK 508 schengen2

  74. Neville Fernando 507 EU1

    Outstanding service.. Well done. UK 507 schengen2

  75. Hussein kiwan 506 EU1

    I would like to say about Zabeel Star that when they Say something will do it on time as well , thank you Very much guys. Hope see you soon. Thanks Mr.Mohamad. UK 506 schengen2

  76. Eddie Mavhiya 505 EU1

    Very efficient UK 505 schengen2

  77. Jaber Almareef 504 EU1

    Excellent UK 504 schengen2

  78. mohammad madani 503 EU1

    Fast efficient service. Thank you UK 503 schengen2

  79. Rakesh Agarwal 502 EU1

    Professional and reasonably priced. I used them for Russian visa processing and I must say these guys are good. I hope they start collection and delivery facility in Abu Dhabi. UK 502 schengen2

  80. Omar Bekdache 501 EU1

    Outstanding service – Great offers – Fantastic Admin ! Recommend to all !! UK 501 schengen2

  81. rizwan haider 500 EU1

    superb..great service. UK 500 schengen2

  82. Sherin Mansoor 499 EU1

    Outstanding UK 499 schengen2

  83. Arturas Litvinionok 498 EU1

    Free Pickup and pay later? That is outstanding UK 498 schengen2

  84. Telifsiz Müzikler Free Music 497 EU1

    The best Travel &Tourism Agency in Dubai Very quick service & helpfull UK 497 schengen2

  85. Ameena Ali 496 EU1

    Loved the flexibility and efficient service. UK 496 schengen2

  86. Azar Kilani 495 EU1

    Very convenient and helpful team, but the prices for processing vises it could be a little over the normal embassies price. UK 495 schengen2

  87. Feras Al Taoam 494 EU1

    High level of professionalism in processing my transactions, and the clarity of given information have made my experiences in dealing with them the best of its kind. Consequently, I am providing this feedback to highlight the remarkable performance of Mr. Aldrich C. Bazan, who has always assisted me in my travel plans. Your professionalism and valued efforts are much appreciated. UK 494 schengen2

  88. Raja Usman 493 EU1

    MashaaAllah ……. Very Nice UK 493 schengen2

  89. Mansoor Ahmed Sultan 492 EU1

    Best Visa services Ever in Dubai UK 492 schengen2

  90. Milinda Perera 491 EU1

    Mr Arif Ali has given 100% positive service for me and good know that place for further arrangements UK 491 schengen2

  91. Shannon Correia 490 EU1

    Zabeel travels is the fastest for visa processing, specially Mohammed Arif ali he is good at his job and very kind. UK 490 schengen2

  92. swetha shetty 489 EU1

    Very happy with the service provided in Russian visa done. UK 489 schengen2

  93. Mohammed Ahmed 488 EU1

    Staff is highly assistive, cooperative and friendly. Excellent services in less time. They are just amazing. UK 488 schengen2

  94. Faisal Shariff 487 EU1

    Zabeel Star is easily the best travel and tourism in the UAE. The ease and comfort with which they serve you is inspiring. Whether it’s a visa requirement or a booking, they will do it. And in particular Mohammad Kassim is a dream to work with. Has never let me down on a deadline request ever. He’s the star of Zabeel. UK 487 schengen2

  95. Faisal Al Hamdan 486 EU1

    One of the best agency that provides you the good & quick service, tickets prices are also cheap. My recommendation to all my friends and family to use Zabeel Star Travel & Tourism UK 486 schengen2

  96. Maher Musa 485 EU1

    Very good service, fast and very professional team. I recommended to anyone planning to apply for Thailand visa. UK 485 schengen2

  97. Gary Smith 484 EU1

    Excellent service UK 484 schengen2

  98. nadia kassim 483 EU1

    (Translated by Google) Excellent and fast service. The staff are helpful. And they advise the best options to suit the customer. (Original) خدمه ممتازه و سريعه. الموظفين متعاونين . و ينصحون بافضل الخيارات بما يناسب العميل. UK 483 schengen2

  99. king tarak 482 EU1

    Zabeel Star is the best Travel and Tourism service in the UAE. All of professional staff are working there and good and fast service also. Specially Mohammed Arif Ali is one of them.. UK 482 schengen2

  100. Momento 481 EU1

    Excellent service! Quick and professional. Thanks Mohammed Arif Ali for your exceptional customer service. Reham Mustafa UK 481 schengen2

  101. Sachin Somkumar 480 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster UK 480 schengen2

  102. Mohemmed el Hej 1 571 EU1

    Amazing and fast service Friendly and professional staff Just send an email with details and they will take of the rest. UK 571 schengen2

  103. Louby Mekteri 1 554 EU1

    The visa service from Zabeel Travel & Tourism was excellent. Nilla in particular was great – she got in touch immediately and made the arrangements straight away with little fuss. We were surprised to receive our Chinese visas within the week. I would highly recommend using them for any visa needs. UK 554 schengen2

  104. John Lendifer 1 570 EU1

    The final service I received from the agent who took my case at the end it was truly 5 star service, I got my China business visa after two days with the urgent procedure. They came to my residence to pick up the documents and they delivered the passport with the visa in time. PLEASE NOTE: I do though mark only four stars to highlight the fact that before being taken in charge by the last Agent, I did have a dangerously inconsistent interface with another one who nearly compromised all my chances to get the visa in time. I contacted Zabeel few weeks ago to prepare well the visa application because I must spend most of my time travelling therefore I could stay only three days in Dubai, so I asked the first contact agent to help me to prepare this well. he ensured me that it was going to be in control. I called him the day before my arrival he suddenly seemed to be evasive claiming that maybe they were too busy and not giving me any reassurance. He knew very well that I had only three days and I could not change the flights. Desperate I asked to talk with another agent who finally secured the process and acted responsibly and reliably. So I know that Zabeel has some 5 stars service agents and at least one who is less than one star. UK 570 schengen2

  105. Gilles Vendevoorde 1 569 EU1

    Great Service. On time and in Full UK 569 schengen2

  106. Storm Z 1 600 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster,,, UK 600 schengen2

  107. tereq elzubei 1 593 EU1

    100???? UK 593 schengen2

  108. Medie Medie 1 568 EU1

    Thanks for the assistance Karen Salvaleon Riomalos I got fast my oman visa you are very good UK 568 schengen2

  109. Hene Riez 1 567 EU1

    Excellent service! Applied for thai visa and within 3 days the process was done and passport delivered. Highly recommend UK 567 schengen2

  110. ehmed elbelooshi 1 599 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster,,,,,,,,,,, UK 599 schengen2

  111. Julie Polo 1 598 EU1

    I would totally recommend this company for visa services, I had a great experience. I was working with Mohammed Arif Ali and I would like to say thank you. UK 598 schengen2

  112. Penchem Heriremeni 1 592 EU1

    I have had a brilliant experience with organising my visa thru them … Right from the courtesy offered over the phone to the visit … Great work and keep it up ! UK 592 schengen2

  113. ehmed Bedr 1 553 EU1

    they made my life easy and i got china tourist visa after 5 working days ,definitely i will try them again for my shingen visa UK 553 schengen2

  114. Jeshim Dubei 1 534 EU1

    Outstanding service.. Well done. UK 534 schengen2

  115. Momento 1 6EU1

    Excellent service! Quick and professional. Thanks Mohammed Arif Ali for your exceptional customer service. Reham Mustafa UK 610 schengen2

  116. ehmed Mesbeh 1 591 EU1

    The best office I have ever deal with. From the first time i called them they give me all requirement i need. Then they follow up with me. They fill the application and complete all the requirement then they submit it to the consulate without my attendance. I really appreciate their work and its very easy and comfortable UK 591 schengen2

  117. hessen khelil 1 552 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster UK 552 schengen2

  118. ennie Cresto 1 533 EU1

    They are professional. Received my visa without any hassle. UK 533 schengen2

  119. eltef Sheriff 1 551 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster, UK 551 schengen2

  120. Ezzoubeir Khello 1 550 EU1

    The service was exactly what they promised, the visa was on time and the documents were picked up and delivered to my address even before the deadline, I would definitely recommend it and I would for sure use their service again. UK 550 schengen2

  121. Stelle Durileg | DUBIMED 1 609 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster3` UK 609 schengen2

  122. fejes bk 1 608 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster—- UK 608 schengen2

  123. Meejed eshrem 1 607 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster- UK 607 schengen2

  124. Hussein Yusufi 1 586 EU1

    Customer oriented.. lovely service and best rates UK 586 schengen2

  125. T G 1 566 EU1

    Got my visa for Russia in no time.The service was great the communication was immediate and the process went smooth! Thank you Nilla for all the support!!! I will definitely use your services again! UK 566 schengen2

  126. Renjith Redhekrishnen 1 549 EU1

    Availed Russia visit Visa services from them. Very professional company. UK 549 schengen2

  127. MHD enwer Mensour 1 548 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster.. UK 548 schengen2

  128. ehmed Soly 1 547 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster. UK 547 schengen2

  129. eesthetics enser 1 565 EU1

    Best UK 565 schengen2

  130. Ross Deines 1 546 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.s. Got my visa Faster…. UK 546 schengen2

  131. Priye Rewel 1 606 EU1

    Incredibly proactive & professional Mr. Arif working at Zabeel Star Travel & Tourism is truly a pleasure to work with. I found the company details on social media and simply placed a called and spoke to Mr. Arif. He listened to my request patiently and offered me prompt service for Chinese visa application, within the next 2 hours of us speaking. A messenger from the company collected my documents and gave me a receipt of payment and I was informed my passport will be returned with the stamped visa on 29th Nov. I did not have to call or follow up with anyone at their end as I was pleasantly surprised to receive my visa stamped passport, a day earlier than promised. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mr. Arif and Zabeel Star Travel & Tourism. I recommend it highly for anyone looking for quality and effective service. Thank you for your services. UK 606 schengen2

  132. Yoneten Heile 1 545 EU1

    Excellent Service.. Wow UK 545 schengen2

  133. eshref Seleheen 1 544 EU1

    Excellent and very professional service. Thank you UK 544 schengen2

  134. Muhemmed Isheq 1 543 EU1

    Efficient service UK 543 schengen2

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