Austria Visa

Austria Visa

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(308 customer reviews)

Austria Visa Process

Apply your Schengen Visa with us and we will guide you step by step to obtain your visa  Documents required to obtain a Schengen visa:

  • Passports of the travelers valid for six months or more.
  • UAE residence visa valid for 4 months or more.
  • 2 Recent photo white background passport size
  • Personal bank statement ( 3 months ) – original with bank stamp
  • NOC letter from your employer/proof of your business ownership. Sample <Click here>
  • Proof of business ownership (for business owners/partners) example trade license copy with your name on it.
  • Vaccine Certificate Download from Al Hosn.

Process: (Real Time Visa Tracking) 


Austria Visa why UrgentTravel™?

  • Licensed by DED and Dubai Tourism
  • 100% Form filling as per requirement.
  • Our Staff are over 5 years experience in Schengen.
  • Minimal documentation.
  • 98% success rate check our review
  • Urgent and Normal Process.
  • Group and Family Discounts

308 reviews for Austria Visa

  1. Hisham Rinawi 1221 EU1

    Keep it up! UK 1221 schengen2

  2. Rachid Chergui 1218 EU1

    Thank you for the excellent customer service regarding my china visa application. I received my passport today and i was impressed with the overall process that ( zabeel star ) provided. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future. Sincerely, I was very, very happy with your service! And I would particularly like to thank Mr ( Aldrich ) for listening and acting on getting the visa as soon as possible. Thanks Aldrich , I really appreciate your thoughtful attention! I will definitely recommend Zabeel star to my friends.! UK 1218 schengen2

  3. Sanket Mistry 1217 EU1

    Thank you Ms Eman for your timely follow up and sharing update, transparency in process made it very much convenient, i am definitely giving 5 stars as process was completed within promissed time ,pick up of my documents made everything easy.Appreciate your service , will recommend to my friends.! UK 1217 schengen2

  4. Salim Talib EU1

    Very High quality services for a fraction of the price compared to other Travel and Tourism agencies in UAE schengen2

  5. fadi aboughnaim EU1

    Well Done.. Got my service on time. schengen2

  6. shruti murali EU1

    Tabalat version of Government services schengen2

  7. mohamad el hajj EU1

    Super Service in Dubai schengen2

  8. Gloria D’souza EU1

    I had missing documents and they covered me with instant photo and got my visa faster schengen2

  9. Safeer kh EU1

    Quick and professional team schengen2

  10. sakina vohra EU1

    Very helpful and efficient staff..amazing experience schengen2

  11. Tariq Mhmood EU1

    Best Team, Clear Communication and done online schengen2

  12. Noon nour EU1

    Sultan is the best advicer. Try calling him and he will have it sorted schengen2

  13. Amer Bakry EU1

    Second time and my worries are gone, Amin made it happen schengen2

  14. Rodney Kincaid EU1

    Thank you all, I traveled on time. schengen2

  15. Faisal Farooq EU1

    Fast and easy, Best team and clear communication schengen2

  16. al burhan prints EU1

    Got my Ghana on time schengen2

  17. Marlies Zilkens EU1

    more than 10 stars schengen2

  18. I A EU1

    Very professional with highly skilled and efficient staff. Work is done within the promised time period and services offered is surely value for money. schengen2

  19. Reham Abdelrahim EU1

    Number 1 Travel agent schengen2

  20. Olga Cobzac EU1

    Make sure to bring cash, as you might have a surprise them having the credit card machine not working. Not bad overall regards to service a bit of better attitude wouldn’t hurt schengen2

  21. Eileen Chong EU1

    Very happy with the service. Super professional and personalized service. schengen2

  22. James I EU1

    in 2 days .. I got my visa. Well done schengen2

  23. Kris Abad EU1

    Fast and reliable service! Very accomodating… schengen2

  24. Maher Musa EU1

    Very good service, fast and very professional team. I recommended to anyone planning to apply for Thailand visa. schengen2

  25. Arturas Litvinionok EU1

    Free Pickup and pay later? That is outstanding schengen2

  26. hamad alnajjar EU1

    beat services schengen2

  27. Telifsiz Müzikler Free Music EU1

    The best Travel &Tourism Agency in Dubai Very quick service & helpfull schengen2

  28. Gary Smith EU1

    Excellent service schengen2

  29. Azar Kilani EU1

    Very convenient and helpful team, but the prices for processing vises it could be a little over the normal embassies price. schengen2

  30. Mansoor Ahmed Sultan EU1

    Best Visa services Ever in Dubai schengen2

  31. Feras Al Taoam EU1

    High level of professionalism in processing my transactions, and the clarity of given information have made my experiences in dealing with them the best of its kind. Consequently, I am providing this feedback to highlight the remarkable performance of Mr. Aldrich C. Bazan, who has always assisted me in my travel plans. Your professionalism and valued efforts are much appreciated. schengen2

  32. Shaikha 1224 EU1

    I am really fascinated by Zabeel Star’s services. In particularly, Mr Aldrich C. Bazan. He was an efficient agent, prompt and highly cooperative.! UK 1224 schengen2

  33. Darvesh Aziz EU1

    I am investor in UAE ,anybody guide me how can i get belgian visa along with my wife? schengen2

  34. Neville Fernando EU1

    Outstanding service.. Well done. schengen2

  35. nadia kassim EU1

    (Translated by Google) Excellent and fast service. The staff are helpful. And they advise the best options to suit the customer. (Original) خدمه ممتازه و سريعه. الموظفين متعاونين . و ينصحون بافضل الخيارات بما يناسب العميل. schengen2

  36. Gopineth Theyyil 1 EU1

    I experience best service with Zabeel Star Travel….Thanks to the team ! schengen2

  37. Vikes Periher 1 EU1

    excellent service by Karen schengen2

  38. Umer Qeyyum 1 EU1

    Zabeel Star is the best Travel and Tourism service in the UAE. All of experience staff are working there and very good service, fast and very professional team. I recommended to anyone planning to apply for anywhere. Great personality Mohammad Qasim thanks to miss karen and Mr Arif. schengen2

  39. ennie Cresto 1 EU1

    They are professional. Received my visa without any hassle. schengen2

  40. Raja Usman EU1

    MashaaAllah ……. Very Nice schengen2

  41. Shaji Varughese 876 EU1

    They are fast and prompt in service. Recommended for any travel related services. UK 876 schengen2

  42. MarieChin Navarro 875 EU1

    Thank you to Ms. Karen for the excellent service.I got my UK visa and Ireland visa in just 2wks.I highly recommend Zabeel Star Travel and Tourism to my family,friends and colleagues.Thanks and keep it up!! UK 875 schengen2

  43. Yasmeen Khan 874 EU1

    I came across Zabeel star travels while I was searching online for a good travel agency to help me process my visas to multiple countries, I personally visited the office and met Ahmad and he explained all the stuff and instantly did my paper work, he followed up with me regularly and made sure my documents were complete and applied on time , I have received two visas to the countries I wished to travel and awaiting the other two.. Ahmad is like a family to me now he helped me saved my time and guided me with the correct process:) I highly recommend if you are looking for travel services you shld go to zabeel and especially to Ahmad:) UK 874 schengen2

  44. Temor Sidig 873 EU1

    Most personal, professional service. They have extensive reach inside UAE and at all embassies great relationships. Last years these guys handle all my personal and company Visa matters and I could not be happier. I have recommended them over and over. The guys Aldrich and Amin will work for you tirelessly until your case is resolved. Even when I had issues late at night, even on a weekend, they were available ready and willing to assist. Nothing beats that. Thanks always guys and keep up the great work. UK 873 schengen2

  45. Electine XO 872 EU1

    I paid after I got my visa.. Can you imagine? This guys are the best. Zabeel Keep It up UK 872 schengen2

  46. maria shamira lasala 871 EU1

    This was my first time out using a travel agency and let me tell you the experience I had with Ms. Karen was best in class from the beginning to the end. Everything was thoroughly laid out, she answered all my questions, her follow-up great, and very detailed oriented. All documents was clearly identified which made my application a hassle free. I cant thank Ms. Karen enough for this amazing experience. I will always recommend Zabeel Star Travel and Tourism here in UAE for next trip and looking forward to work with Ms. Karen always for my next destination. UK 871 schengen2

  47. Raju Zabeel 870 EU1

    UAE Dubai UK 870 schengen2

  48. Thamira R shan 869 EU1

    Good and excellent service. Even from outside dubai also get good service. Special thanks for SUMAIRA.. UK 869 schengen2

  49. Ibtihel Saad 868 EU1

    it was pleasure dealing with Zabeel Star especially with Ahmed he was very cooperative and professional thanks alot for the fast process and the great service highly recommended UK 868 schengen2

  50. samo ramzan 867 EU1

    Best services, their price, their staff especially Sumaira, everyone should approach to her. She is very friendly and trustworthy. Best travel agency after a long time. UK 867 schengen2

  51. Omar Royal 866 EU1

    Thank you Sumaira for your professional service keep up with the good service. UK 866 schengen2

  52. M E 865 EU1

    In the beginning i thought this is not real because it is too good to be true… but when i called them and their driver came and collected the papers for the Visa, and when the next Day Karen from customer service called me to say application is submitted, then when the agreed deadline approached Sumaira from customer service called me giving me the good news that Visa is out…. i laterally had ZERO effort in this Visa Thanks to Zabeel Star … Well done guys its a shame there are only 5 stars I would have given you * * * * * * * UK 865 schengen2

  53. Haseeb Iqbal 864 EU1

    Excellent service by Ms. Sumaira at Zabeel Star.. keep it up UK 864 schengen2

  54. Sally Haswell 863 EU1

    Amazing Service and best UK 863 schengen2

  55. Girlie Vitanzos 862 EU1

    Thank you Ms. Malou and Mr. Ahmed, your service is a complete package of Awesome customer service, our effort to came all the way from sharjah was absolutely worth it. Explaining step by step and updating us every single status of application makes us feel how professional you’re in your field, and everything is properly handled. till next time again, Job well done, keep it up. UK 862 schengen2

  56. Dhanesh Kumar 861 EU1

    Fast and Perfect service.. UK 861 schengen2

  57. Sadik sk 860 EU1

    Very good Service Ms Sumaira was very effecient and polite. Much appereciated. Proactive in handling my document process and helpfull. Mr Mohamed was kind and very helpful. Thankyou UK 860 schengen2

  58. Ahmed Assafi 859 EU1

    Professional company amazing service UK 859 schengen2

  59. Sasan Nowbahar 858 EU1

    Its my first time with them and best experience I’ve ever had with travel agency UK 858 schengen2

  60. Rosemin Ismail 857 EU1

    Very fast service, Marlou was excellent and knew exactly what to do. I would recommend this company ???????? UK 857 schengen2

  61. Mohamed Elzain 856 EU1

    Excellent service. Fast and accurate. UK 856 schengen2

  62. Sherif Mustafa 855 EU1

    This is my second time to use Zabeel’s visa service. There really deserve 5 stars because of their professionalism and timely delivery of service before committed turn around time. UK 855 schengen2

  63. Arshad Khan 854 EU1

    Travel to Turkey and arranged all my visa and hotel servies UK 854 schengen2

  64. Mohamed Khalil 853 EU1

    Its was amazing agency ever very specific about the time the. Price of the visa. And they mad the service very quick UK 853 schengen2

  65. arya suresh 852 EU1

    I never saw best service like this. Very Fast and SMS update on every progress. Keep it up UK 852 schengen2

  66. Dods 851 EU1

    The company provided excellent service. They took care of any problems promptly and effectively. The experience was some of the best I have had. Their choice of local guides and services was the best. UK 851 schengen2

  67. Imane Askouray 850 EU1

    Eman is very helpful!! I loved the service. UK 850 schengen2

  68. Editha Pestilos-Tan 849 EU1

    Very good and fast service, got my visa in just 5 days UK 849 schengen2

  69. Felona Ebon 848 EU1

    I highly recommend this. Thumbs up, very warm hearted’ they address your comments and concerns very well. Thank you so much. urgent travel ae. UK 848 schengen2

  70. Chen Nicolas 847 EU1

    Excellent service!!???? UK 847 schengen2

  71. Mommy Yvette Dela Cruz 846 EU1

    This company provides the best customer service. I got my visa really fast with no hustle at all, very helpful for a person like me who has limited time to process my visa because of a very busy schedule. I will surely recommend this travel agency to my family and friends. Thank you very much Urgent Travel, you guys are a very big help! UK 846 schengen2

  72. Ann Charlene Vizconde 845 EU1

    Go Urgent Travel helps me to got my Russian Tourist Visa without hassle at all. Shoutout to Ms. Karen who accomodates me regarding of all my request. Im looking forward again to get my visa without any worries and doubt at all. Thank you again and more success! UK 845 schengen2

  73. MariNicks Reyes 844 EU1

    I got my China Visa in just 5 working days that they’ve promised! Definitely, I will recommend Go Urgent Travel to my family, friends and colleagues, with the friendly staff I met in their office in Al Khaleej Centre namely Ms.Karen, Ms.Malou and Ms.Imane 100% I will come back for my Russia Visa application ???? UK 844 schengen2

  74. Minata Mhisz 843 EU1

    I would like to thank Go Urgent Travel for assisting me in my USA Visa application, with their proper documentation I was able to get my visa. It was very convenient I didnt need to go to them personally no time and effort wasted because of their flexible service, just sent the copies of my documents thru email and they were able to assist in my application plus they secure my appointment in my most convenient time. Thank you so much Go Urgent Travel! UK 843 schengen2


    Trusted and very fast processing of visa.. good job UK 842 schengen2

  76. Shahzad Qamar 841 EU1

    Thank you so much zabeel start . Specially madam sumeira . UK 841 schengen2

  77. LED VILLAMOR 840 EU1

    I highly recommend this company in giving excellent customer service with our inquiry for our future travel plans. ???????????? UK 840 schengen2

  78. Marilyn Quitalig 839 EU1

    Good service UK 839 schengen2

  79. GodDess DG 838 EU1

    Very professional and accommodating staffs. Highly recommended!???????? UK 838 schengen2

  80. Catherine Cuando 837 EU1

    Excellent Customer Sevrvice. Smooth and fast transaction without any hassle. Very accomodating and friendly staffs. UK 837 schengen2

  81. Teddy Reyes 836 EU1

    Good service, highly recommended. UK 836 schengen2

  82. jc constantino 835 EU1

    thumbs up???? excellent service and freindly staffs. good job guys ???? Godbless and more powers. UK 835 schengen2

  83. Nel Gaco 834 EU1

    Superb service. Fast and reliable. I got my visa earlier than expected. Good customer service ???? Will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives ???? UK 834 schengen2

  84. Mherka Ella Condez Tamayo 833 EU1

    Ive got visa and with fast processing. UK 833 schengen2

  85. mac gesmundo 832 EU1

    I got my china visa in just 3 days! best service ever! ???????????? UK 832 schengen2

  86. christian mae recuenco 831 EU1

    excellent service and very reliable UK 831 schengen2

  87. Maria Abarca 830 EU1

    Very efficient! UK 830 schengen2

  88. Sheryl Riomalos 829 EU1

    I got my visa with the help of Go urgent Travels…thank u guys for helping me… UK 829 schengen2

  89. Malou Chandler 828 EU1

    Thank you Go Urgent travel for the fast and friendly service. I got my China and Russia Visa hassle free.5 stars are not enough to rate your excellent service, i will definitely recommend Go Urgent Travel to my family, friends and colleagues! Keep up the good service! UK 828 schengen2

  90. Benigno Lumines 827 EU1

    Excellent service. UK 827 schengen2

  91. Nikko Mateo 826 EU1

    Amazing service. A company that is geared towards customer’s satisfaction. UK 826 schengen2

  92. Infinity Luxury 825 EU1

    I got my USA visa. Thanks for your support. Especially to Ms. Karen. Thank you Go Urgent Travel! UK 825 schengen2

  93. Fab Bungay 824 EU1

    I had a wonderful experience to go urgent travels i got my china visa very fast without hassle and very reasonable price thanks go urgent for helping me specially to all the staff who is very friendly and accomodating. Keep it up guys. UK 824 schengen2

  94. Angilyn Sta Rosa 823 EU1

    Best service! Thank you go urgent travels. Keep it up! UK 823 schengen2

  95. argel delos santos 822 EU1

    Two thumbs up. Got my visa real quick. UK 822 schengen2

  96. Kaye Die Villamor 821 EU1

    Excellent services very fast reply and very accommodating staff, Free pick up services was very helpful for us who always busy at work, i got my China visa in 3 days Thank you Go urgent Travels! For sure i will come back for more visa services! Wish you all the best! Keep it up guys! UK 821 schengen2

  97. bibi mohamed 820 EU1

    fast and easy visa services, i got my Thailand visa in 2 days, the free pickup was great, i requested the drop off service and the fee was reasonable, will come back for another visa in the future, thanks Go urgent travel UK 820 schengen2

  98. Gaurav Wadi 819 EU1

    Very Professional. UK 819 schengen2

  99. Ayman Shafeeq 818 EU1

    Fast and affordable price ,accurate information provided really great service and very cooperative staff (special thanks to Ms Malou) UK 818 schengen2

  100. Syed Ali Faraz Rizvi 817 EU1

    Best people and excellent service. May Allah bless you people. UK 817 schengen2

  101. Yasser ahmed 816 EU1

    This very good agency, UK 816 schengen2

  102. Tabrez Shariff 815 EU1

    Reliable place to get your job done. I have been assisted by Aldrich many times and the reason why I keep coming back to Zabeel is this person’s professional attitude, prompt service & dependability to get the task done. Thank you Aldrich. Also, thanks to Ahmed who assisted me efficiently for a recent job. I’ll return to this place for more! UK 815 schengen2

  103. muhammad safwan 814 EU1

    Outstanding in every way ! Was little scared at the beginning but Ms.sumaira is very professional, all query were answered and very prompt. Highly recommended. UK 814 schengen2

  104. Aya Elnemr 813 EU1

    It’s very trustworthy company especially Karen she is very smart and caring ladies , she helped me to get Thailand and China visa in the right time !! Definitely will choose them for my Europe visa !! Good job ???? UK 813 schengen2

  105. Vasseh ahmed 812 EU1

    I had an issue with delivery and the company responded very promptly and solved my issue immideately. Good customer service! UK 812 schengen2

  106. Salamon s 811 EU1

    Professional and reasonably priced. No Queing, No Parking and Relx. UK 811 schengen2

  107. Hussain Shahul Hameed 8EU1

    any Nationality, are visa was done in 5 days.. No much documents UK 810 schengen2

  108. S.M. Salman 809 EU1

    Excellent service. Well experienced staff. Thank to Miss. Sumaira for arranging Egypt Visa in no time. Much better and faster than expected. Support well appreciated, recommended to use atleast atleast to believe the services which they offer. Reasonable charges and proper documentation & your job is done. Thank allot Miss. Sumaira Will come back again surely very soon UK 809 schengen2

  109. Taseer B 808 EU1

    Wonderful first time experience. Thank you Ms. Sumaira and Zabeel Star for getting me thru US Visa process. Much appreciated and highly recommended. UK 808 schengen2

  110. Sreehari Jagadev 807 EU1

    Good work Sumairah. Keep it up! Excellent service UK 807 schengen2

  111. Qusai Majid 806 EU1

    Good and honest UK 806 schengen2

  112. Felix Erdmann 805 EU1

    Professional and fast service. Many thanks. UK 805 schengen2

  113. Subash Priyatharsan Vlogs 804 EU1

    Very quick and reliable service. Mr. Zaid from the sales team was very helpful. I was one star away from perfection because you people need to look up with the pick-up and drop services, otherwise all good. I’d totally recommend to a friend. UK 804 schengen2

  114. Saeed 803 EU1

    Very good service. First i got my UK visa and then applied for schengen2 & US and been approved as well. Special thanks to Aldrich. UK 803 schengen2

  115. Miadeh Bensadoon 802 EU1

    I have requested for the Thailand Visa from Urgent travel. Service and delivery was higher than expected and got my passport back 3 days earlier than expected. I do very much recommend, go agead you wont be dissapointed UK 802 schengen2

  116. Rania 801 EU1

    Malou was very helpful, calm, kind person UK 801 schengen2

  117. Muhammad Faisal 800 EU1

    Hi everyone if you think about go somewhere out of country I highly recommend GO URGENT TRAVEL they are very professional and almost all kind of visa processing they have it’s very convienient to apply with them no need to visit any where.i had very good experience and I want to thank specially miss Malou UK 800 schengen2

  118. Omar G 799 EU1

    Very good service and hastle free , and Ahmed is an excellent employee, he was very helpful. UK 799 schengen2

  119. Mahanoor Fatima 798 EU1

    Thank you Ms. Sumaira from Zabeel Star Travel who assisted me with my turkey visa. I had an awesome experience and this is my second time to get Visa very easly. Excellent service. Keep it up. UK 798 schengen2

  120. Mumthahin Official 797 EU1

    Such a great experience.amazing staff,i got my wife US visa in frst attempt.very experienced staff.economical service charges. I would definetly saved me the hassle of searching. GO URGENT travel is one of best service i have seen. The response with any emails I sent with any concerns was dealt with promptly. I would definetly recommend for any country visa through you to family and friends.Everything was quick and easy. UK 797 schengen2

  121. Saaddin Sidani 796 EU1

    Got my entire Vacation with Zabeel Travel. Quick decision and options. Budget was afforardable. UK 796 schengen2

  122. Jinelle Dsouza 795 EU1

    Used their services to get a visa to china. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Visa process was done on time, with no hassle. Would recommend their services. Thanks! UK 795 schengen2

  123. Hala Hamada 794 EU1

    (Translated by Google) Nice company and very quick treatment I was happy to deal with them I recommend it to all ???????????????? (Original) شركة لطيفة ومعاملة سريعه جدا كنت سعيدة بالتعامل معهم أنصح بها للجميع ???????????????? UK 794 schengen2

  124. Nadine Bassil 793 EU1

    Very good service, Sumaira is very helpful and excellent in her communication and knowledge. UK 793 schengen2

  125. waqar ijaz 792 EU1

    Good Morning, i hope everyone is doing great in the team, i was really happy and glad by the assistance provided by Miss Sumaira, i can feel she is really a professional staff and she answer and clears all my doubts about relevant questions, i am really pleased the way she was guiding me and simple in short she is doing a phenomenal job. UK 792 schengen2

  126. Marie Santos 791 EU1

    Zabeel Start Travel & Tourism have a good service. They approach customer in a good way. They make sure to provide the best service to their customer especially Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim who is very attentive and alert to reply on our inquiries. UK 791 schengen2

  127. abdallah attalla 790 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster UK 790 schengen2

  128. 라주아누 789 EU1

    Tried calling few agencies, but was not satisfied with their customer service. I have to say Ms. Sumaira has been really helpful and professional. All queries were answered and very prompt. Highly recommended. UK 789 schengen2

  129. khalid alrasheed 788 EU1

    Karen’s service suitted my expectations exactly and I loved her congenial team work, Very professional, admirable and I was impressed by her goodness and kindness, I will definetly go back for other future plans. Cordially, UK 788 schengen2

  130. Nihal Ananda Perera 787 EU1

    Dear Zaid, Aldrich and all, This is to inform you that I have now received my Austrian Visa. Many thanks indeed to all your assistance. Your input was very professional, which I experience a rare commodity these days ! . Will return to you definitely for my future traveling/Visa requirements. Keep up the good work. UK 787 schengen2

  131. Ivan Egan 786 EU1

    prompt service, no hassle – clear instructions on the visa application process, convenient parking close by. 5 Stars ! UK 786 schengen2

  132. Primeco middle east ltd 785 EU1

    Outstanding Service.. Wow UK 785 schengen2

  133. Sulaiman Fazli 783 EU1

    My visa application for china was professionally executed with regular updates through email and SMS. UK 783 schengen2


    Tnx zabeel travels I have a good experience with your staff Sumaira she is very good hospitality towards your customer UK 784 schengen2

  135. Zeeshan Ali 782 EU1

    (Translated by Google) sushiira (Original) sumaira UK 782 schengen2

  136. avinash kumar 781 EU1

    I am very happy with the overall professionalism at Za’abeel star and tourism…. my work was done on time and quite easily …. Sumaira has been very helpful and I thank her for the support. Avinash Kumar UK 781 schengen2

  137. S C Wrightson 780 EU1

    Excellent, extremely efficient, last minute service….. Highly recommended! UK 780 schengen2

  138. Gifty Agamikire 779 EU1

    Outstanding service.. Well done. UK 779 schengen2

  139. Ensemble Dubai 778 EU1

    I have been struggling to get a visa for oman online and wasted 6 days, after contacting Zabeel star Travel and Tourism i got that done in 24Hours. Sending documents, and payment was so easy and there were continuous feed back from Sumaira throughout the process. Thank you Sumaira you are so helpful and thanks to do the job in almost no time….. Will surely contact Zabeel Star for our next job too… Regards Hina Asjad Sales manager Ensemble Dubai UK 778 schengen2

  140. Jayakumar KS 777 EU1

    Good and easy service,sumaira was my agent. UK 777 schengen2

  141. The Family Club 1121 EU1

    Well done ZAID SHAIKH for the wonderful job. Zaid is such a brilliant and professional person who handled my application in very professional manner and I received my visa within 4 working days without any problem. The good thing is that they even collected my documents from my home for free and drop it back to my location for small cost. This company is highly recommended if you really looking for peace of mind. Ask for Zaid Shaikh UK 1121 schengen2

  142. Michelle Timbas 1120 EU1

    It’s our first time to apply for schengen2 visa, and it was quickly approved. Highly recommended agency. Thank you Zabeel Star Travel Tourism and thanks to Zaid for awesome customer service. UK 1120 schengen2

  143. Shonaal A Lulla 1119 EU1

    Great service by Ms. Malou ! very thorough and helpful ! will be using again for UK and schengen2 visa :) UK 1119 schengen2

  144. Dilip gagwani 1118 EU1

    Great service ms. Malou very helpful gives good service to customer ???? UK 1118 schengen2

  145. Lohrasp Sadri 1117 EU1

    I have had an amazing experience with Zabeel Star. Mr. Zaid was extremely professional and helpful for my Visa application processing. I got my schengen2 visa within a week. I strongly recommend Mr. Zaid and the agency to anyone to use their Visa services. Thank you Zabeel Star and Mr. Zaid for all the queries and helping me get my schengen2 visa at the earliest. I appreciate your kind help and support in this regard. Keep up the good work. UK 1117 schengen2

  146. Jossette Naiken 1116 EU1

    Imane exceeded my expectations when arranging my Chinese Tourist Visa. Communication was clear, she followed up as required, and they delivered on time. Very happy customer and highly recommend Go Urgent Services for Chinese Visas. UK 1116 schengen2

  147. Rajeswararao Maddugaru 1115 EU1

    The executives are very hostile and cheerful in answering all my queries. Very receptive I got the visa as per the number of days promised UK 1115 schengen2

  148. Yazeed Siam 1114 EU1

    Great service. Great people. Very welcoming. I recommend this agency for all tourism/visa work. They have constantly kept me updated with my application. Immediate replies when I throw questions through WhatsApp. 10/10????????. Special thanks to Mr. Mohammad Kassim. UK 1114 schengen2

  149. Manoj Chendran 1113 EU1

    My entire family where happy, Travel with confident. UK 1113 schengen2

  150. raluca patrascu 1112 EU1

    Very good services. I recommend. The employees are very responsive and polite. I was diverted to Sumaira for Chinese visa services and she fulfilled my request in time. Thank you! UK 1112 schengen2

  151. amari almalahi 1111 EU1

    I really would like to thank Mr. Zayed he was really helpful.. And this service makes you feel like VIP UK 1111 schengen2


    Excellent Client Assistance UK 1110 schengen2

  153. mazen emadyass 1109 EU1

    Absolutely wonderful service by the team at Zabeel Star! .. i was surprised by the level of detail, good service and professionalism put into my visa application with them and i’m definitely coming back to using their services again. 100% Fantastic! UK 1109 schengen2

  154. Doris Arsua 1108 EU1

    I went to the consulate, I stayed longer there and checked in google, I saw Zabeel.. They came to my house and issued Russia visa in 2 days UK 1108 schengen2

  155. zafar tariq 1107 EU1

    (Translated by Google) Thailand Visa assistances by Sumaira (Original) Thailand Visa assistances by Sumaira UK 1107 schengen2

  156. Ahmed Ali Eissa 1106 EU1

    I received my visa after 2 days.. UK 1106 schengen2

  157. RASHID 1105 EU1

    I submitted my documents for Thailand visit visa. I got my visit visa within 2 days!!! Woow Great support from Mr. Zaid Shaikh. UK 1105 schengen2

  158. Larisa Chera 1104 EU1

    Very competent ppl. They ask minimum. Minimum price, minimum required documents, minimum time. And you get your visa. Thanks for your job, special thanks to Aldrich Bazan UK 1104 schengen2

  159. mehnaz gul 1103 EU1

    Had a good experience with the company regarding Visa processing ,team was quick and provided assistance in collecting documents as well. UK 1103 schengen2

  160. Nabin Gurung 1102 EU1

    Very efficient service… UK 1102 schengen2

  161. come to learn 1101 EU1

    Best Service. and specially appreciate Sumaira. She is a true professional and got my visa without any hassle UK 1101 schengen2

  162. Karan Rekhi 1100 EU1

    Very good service got my Visa for Russia in 2 days, and Samayra & the team were excellent to coordinate my passport back as am frequently travelling. UK 1100 schengen2

  163. hameed abdul bari 1099 EU1

    Friendly staff. Quick assist from the team ! Keep going ???????? UK 1099 schengen2

  164. Apple Navarro 1098 EU1

    The agent named Ahmed was very helpful all through out the process. The turn around time was quick and provided me with all the necessary information for the visa processing. Their pick up service was excellent as they managed to pick it up even if our office is quite far. UK 1098 schengen2

  165. Amr sheehap 1097 EU1

    Good travel service I deal with Ms sumaira she are helpful and very nice and honset and they always smile and welcome very nice experiences with this place with this agent all coming at time UK 1097 schengen2

  166. Haider Uzair 1096 EU1

    Excellent customer service thanks ms sumaira specially. Her Assistance for all Visa’s Thailand Malaysia Japan UK 1096 schengen2

  167. Adnan Shabbir 1095 EU1

    Professional Team, got my visa on time… UK 1095 schengen2

  168. sham kumar 1094 EU1

    Very good services. I recommend. The Zabeel Star Travel & tourism employees are very responsive and polite. I was diverted to Sumaira for schengen2 visa services and she fulfilled my request in time. Specially thanks for Sumaira, All the best. UK 1094 schengen2

  169. هشام بن عبيد الجسمي 1093 EU1

    Everything thing it’s fine and , thanks alot Mr Adrich for everything/ you are best UK 1093 schengen2

  170. omar mostafa 1092 EU1

    It was a great experience to apply for a visa through go urgent travel and special thanks to iman she has amazing customer service experience UK 1092 schengen2

  171. Jayant Rao 1091 EU1

    Seamless experience – they will be available irrespective of the time and how urgent the issue is. I have worked with a few visa companies based in UAE, so far Zabeel has been the most proactive. Just trust them with what you need and they’ll take care of it. Sumaira has been really kind enough to pick my calls during odd times – considering it was my first schengan visa for business she supported throughout the process to get it done on point. UK 1091 schengen2

  172. Hamza Alshash 1090 EU1

    Good people and good place UK 1090 schengen2

  173. Pacific Mind 1089 EU1

    I would definitely recommend this agency if you want to have your visa ready the next day with no hussle, very professional when it comes to communication ,special thanks to the agent Imane for her patience and professionalism . UK 1089 schengen2

  174. Rashid Mehar 1088 EU1

    Very good services. I recommend. The employees are very responsive and polite. Sumaira for turkey visa services and she fulfilled my request in time. and she is helping me extra efforts to get ready documents for Thank you UK 1088 schengen2

  175. Zak S 1087 EU1

    Very professional travel agency. Prompt, supportive, amazing staff. Highly recommended to everyone. Very impressed by Madame Sumaira’s services. Thanks ! UK 1087 schengen2

  176. Shaikha 1086 EU1

    I am really fascinated by Zabeel Star’s services. In particularly, Mr Aldrich C. Bazan. He was an efficient agent, prompt and highly cooperative. UK 1086 schengen2

  177. Mohammed Faraj 1085 EU1

    Thank you Sumaira for the smooth process of my Visa. UK 1085 schengen2

  178. Jozef Hertecant 1084 EU1

    Very good and easy service also for difficult countries like China and Russia UK 1084 schengen2

  179. Hisham Rinawi 1083 EU1

    Keep it up UK 1083 schengen2

  180. Leah Ssmpiano 1082 EU1

    Super Satisfied and excellent service! Thank you so much to aldrich for helping us obtaining malaysian and singapore visa. He’s very patient, responsive and took care of his client properly. He even came to my house to collect the documents. Thank you for the excellent service! ???? UK 1082 schengen2

  181. Rachid Chergui 1081 EU1

    Thank you for the excellent customer service regarding my china visa application. I received my passport today and i was impressed with the overall process that ( zabeel star ) provided. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future. Sincerely, I was very, very happy with your service! And I would particularly like to thank Mr ( Aldrich ) for listening and acting on getting the visa as soon as possible. Thanks Aldrich , I really appreciate your thoughtful attention! I will definitely recommend Zabeel star to my friends. UK 1081 schengen2

  182. Sanket Mistry 1080 EU1

    Thank you Ms Eman for your timely follow up and sharing update, transparency in process made it very much convenient, i am definitely giving 5 stars as process was completed within promissed time ,pick up of my documents made everything easy.Appreciate your service , will recommend to my friends. UK 1080 schengen2

  183. Alaa Awad 1079 EU1

    Great cooperative team UK 1079 schengen2

  184. Raj Sharma 1078 EU1

    Excellent service and very fast processing I recommend that this is the best company in dubai for all type of visa services. UK 1078 schengen2

  185. Asem Al Akhras 1077 EU1

    First time dealing with Zabeel travel Egency. Aldrich was very professional and he follow up with all my requests. I am happy to deal again with them. UK 1077 schengen2

  186. Zahid & Juhia 1076 EU1

    I have applied for visia 4 times for four different country and I got visit visa for four countries in first time because of their quality Services. Highly recommended UK 1076 schengen2

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  188. khalid kassim 1 EU1

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  191. Ameena Ali EU1

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  192. Akshay sashikumar 1204 EU1

    Great and convenient service. I dealt with Ms. Malou from start to the end and and found her always very responsive to my queries. Got my Russian Visa ready on time without any hiccups. The documents was collected from my office however had to go to collect them once the visa was issued. Will use their services again. Russia UK 1204 schengen2

  193. Imran Khan 1203 EU1

    I’m updating my review since I’ve now used Zabeel a few times. Aldrich Bazan is my point of contact and is knowledgeable, polite, readily accessible on phone and WhatsApp as well as being Fast delivering superior service in Dubai. Highly recommended. My first time using Zabeel was Jul-2018. I was a bit sceptical but the agency delivered as promised. The collection and delivery of my documents was prompt and using the Express service Zabeel got my job done the next day. Keep it up and good work Aldrich and Team. Russia UK 1203 schengen2

  194. charmaine Mendez 1202 EU1

    I’m very satisfied with the services of Zabeel Star Travel and specially with excellent customer service by Mr. Aldrich. I find it really convenient trusting the visa processing with them considering of pick-up service, electronic receipts, sms updates and completion promised date was met. I will return for my next visa and I will surely recommend your service to my friends. Russia UK 1202 schengen2

  195. Ghe Smith 1201 EU1

    Thank you for the very good service of our Russian visa application eventhough a lot of public holidays this month of May in Russia but still you can manage to deliver the best for our visa. Fast and efficient. Till next time again. Thumbs up and kudos Zabeel Star Travel & Tours. Highly recommended. fr Viv & Yaj Russia UK 1201 schengen2

  196. imtiyazsoni 1200 EU1

    Its the best travels for getting visa for Egypt and best person you could contact there is M/S Emane, Nice n gentle lady ll guide you with all possible info for ducuments n she keeps you updated abt ur visa process.. Russia UK 1200 schengen2

  197. Teib Ali 1199 EU1

    Outstanding Service.. Wow Russia UK 1199 schengen2

  198. Zahid & Juhia 1213 EU1

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  200. Mohamed Niyaz Haroon 1211 EU1

    Top notch service. Staffs are very efficient . Russia UK 1211 schengen2

  201. Balasubramani Mohan 1198 EU1

    I had applied for schengen2 Visa and the service was prompt and excellent to mention Sumaira responds very fast Russia UK 1198 schengen2

  202. انسي افرام 1197 EU1

    (Translated by Google) This is my first experience with them and they were honest in everything I thank you very much (Original) هذه تجربتي الاولي معهم وكانوا صادقين في كل شئ اشكركم جدا Russia UK 1197 schengen2

  203. sadik khoja 1196 EU1

    They pickit from home and got it back in 3 days. Even Embassy wont make it Russia UK 1196 schengen2

  204. Alexie Cabebe 12EU1

    Thank you Karen good assistance. Got my Russia Visa. Great service! Russia UK 1210 schengen2

  205. sai rupa 1195 EU1

    Best and fast service…. , Sumaira the agent at Zabeel she is friendly and is very helpful with the process. Planning to apply other visa process with them Russia UK 1195 schengen2

  206. Sara Ali 1194 EU1

    I was assisted by Malou, an amazingly professional, friendly and helpful lady. Delivered my passport as promised, kept me updated and was available for assistance at all times. It was a great experience dealing with her. Will surely come back to Malou for future Visa assistance requirements and will also recommend to friends. .cheers! :) Russia UK 1194 schengen2

  207. SANDIP AGARWAL 1209 EU1

    Excellent service at Reasonable price. Russia UK 1209 schengen2

  208. King Tarak 1208 EU1

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  210. Tilak Dey Sarkar 1207 EU1

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    Very quick response and professional service received while getting my China visa at the last minute ! Perfect service by Karen ! Russia UK 1206 schengen2

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    The visa was ready exactly as promised. Thank you to the entire team for a great job done! Russia UK 1192 schengen2

  213. manu vikraman 1205 EU1

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  214. Nana Ama Kudjo 1191 EU1

    I just applied for a Visa with Zabeel Star and I am very impressed. I needed to have my passport back within a matter of days. I received my passport in time with the Visa. I am very happy with your service. Thank you Aldrich and the whole team. You can be rest assured when you use Zabeel Star services????????????????!!!! Russia UK 1191 schengen2

  215. Hazel Dayo 1190 EU1

    Fast and excellent service by Ms. Karen made the entire process of my Oman visa. 5 starts to her and i highly recommend this company. Russia UK 1190 schengen2

  216. Omar Baghdadi 1189 EU1

    Got my visa Faster Russia UK 1189 schengen2

  217. Linda Lipace 1188 EU1

    Fast and simple. Got our visa for Russia. It’s extra money but if you don’t want to deal with paperwork it is worth it. Thank you for making happen out trip ! Russia UK 1188 schengen2

  218. Abeer Abou Hamra 1187 EU1

    Got my visa on time, all details shared were correct by the staff. Amazing service :) Russia UK 1187 schengen2

  219. Farin Berliano Nasution 1186 EU1

    I would like to thank Aldrich for his patience and taking care of me for doing the schengen2 visa applications to Switzerland. He is making sure that you are being replied fast and accurate, and eager to fulfill with your extra questions and requests. My visa is issued at its earliest time. Also in addition, thank you to Karen for organising the documents for me. I might not contact her during the process, but I am pretty sure she is doing a hard job and nice one as well. I am really satisfied with the service that you guys provide and will for sure going to come back for my next visa arrangements with them. Thank you once more. Farin. Russia UK 1186 schengen2

  220. Abdelilah El hajibi 1185 EU1

    The service was very professional.. N the process didn’t take lot of time.. For my good luck Mrs. Malou is the one who was taking care of my visa process.. And I was really impressed by her professionalism and service, It was really nice dealing with this agency and with Mrs Malou.. Thank you Russia UK 1185 schengen2

  221. Graciah Tumaque Santos 1184 EU1

    The process is hassle free, reliable and efficient. Kudos to the team esp Aldrich, he’s very helpful and responsive. Will surely contact them for future visa requirements. Highly recommended! ???????????????? Russia UK 1184 schengen2

  222. sachin p babu 1177 EU1

    Very fast and reliable service.All the officials in their office are very responsive and ease of communication .Thanks for your Very fast service.i can suggest/recommend anyone to you without thinking twise. Russia UK 1177 schengen2

  223. Mir Athiq Ali 1176 EU1

    This agency had the simplest and the fastest way to process a Visa, i would highly recommend any new visa applicant to go through Zabeel star travel & tourism for their Visa. Malou, my agent who guided me and processed my visa documents made it very easy for me and managed all the requirements with almost no back and forth (except the part where i asked a lot of questions????) she was very helpful and took up initiative to update me on every step. Thanks you Zabeel star and Malou for this☺️ Russia UK 1176 schengen2

  224. Crazy hammod 1175 EU1

    Super company and Super staff.. I wish I had same spirit in my office. Well done Russia UK 1175 schengen2

  225. sobhi braidy 1174 EU1

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  226. Praveen Perera 1183 EU1

    Fantastic Service. Russia UK 1183 schengen2

  227. Farhan Ali Dubai Property Expert 1173 EU1

    amazing service , everyone is professional and do all the work on time , special thanks to Aldrich for taking care of my schengen2 visa . Highly recommended to everyone . Russia UK 1173 schengen2

  228. Ali Khan 1172 EU1

    Amazing Services………Thank you Russia UK 1172 schengen2

  229. علي محمد 1171 EU1

    They helped me a lot with my visa i highly recommend you guys to go there Russia UK 1171 schengen2

  230. Asem Al Akhras 1214 EU1

    First time dealing with Zabeel travel Egency. Aldrich was very professional and he follow up with all my requests. I am happy to deal again with them.! UK 1214 schengen2

  231. Raj Sharma 1215 EU1

    Excellent service and very fast processing I recommend that this is the best company in dubai for all type of visa services.! UK 1215 schengen2

  232. Alaa Awad 1216 EU1

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  233. Aila Khosla 1219 EU1

    Outstanding Service.. Wow! UK 1219 schengen2

  234. Leah Ssmpiano 1220 EU1

    Super Satisfied and excellent service! Thank you so much to aldrich for helping us obtaining malaysian and singapore visa. He’s very patient, responsive and took care of his client properly. He even came to my house to collect the documents. Thank you for the excellent service! ????! UK 1220 schengen2

  235. Jozef Hertecant 1222 EU1

    Very good and easy service also for difficult countries like China and Russia! UK 1222 schengen2

  236. Mohammed Faraj 1223 EU1

    Thank you Sumaira for the smooth process of my Visa.! UK 1223 schengen2

  237. umbrahim Dalleh 1182 EU1

    very good customer service .. special thanks to Mr Ahmad .. I highly recommend zabeel star travel for tourism visa application ???? Russia UK 1182 schengen2

  238. HSV Dubai 1170 EU1

    Highly Recommended. Imman was very supportive, she made sure all documents were clear and I got visa as promised with in the specified date. I rate their service as 5 star. Russia UK 1170 schengen2

  239. ahmed alafif 1181 EU1

    I deal with ms. Sumaira thanks a lot for your support. Russia UK 1181 schengen2

  240. IkY Y 1169 EU1

    Amazing Services………Thank you Russia UK 1169 schengen2

  241. J Pel 1168 EU1

    Aldrich, many thanks for the courteous and efficient service you provided while handling my visa application. I will definitely use your service in the future and I highly recommend that others do the same. Russia UK 1168 schengen2

  242. Arsh Zaidi 1167 EU1

    i had a word with a lady with skill of attracting customer as well as humble at the same time , she gave me all the relevant information which was required and saved my precious time .. THANKS FOR THE ASSISTANCE (SUMAIRA) …. i wish your company will have more employees like you :))) big thumbs up (Y) Russia UK 1167 schengen2

  243. Farrokh Zarnegar 1166 EU1

    I used their service for Russia Visa. They provided the service with pick up and delivery service for a fee. The whole procedure was smooth and fast. Highly recommend! Russia UK 1166 schengen2

  244. Bekiwe Hlongwane 1180 EU1

    The service I received from Zabeel was outstanding. I unfortunately had delays in getting my visa, but the communication from the company was really good, so I never felt like I didn’t know what was happening. Special thanks to Aldrich who was available every time I emailed or tried to call. The service is worth the premium paid for it. I’d recommend this company any day. Thank you! Thank you! Russia UK 1180 schengen2

  245. Kashif Rafique 1165 EU1

    I have very good experience with zabeel travell for all my schengen2 visa applications .Special i would like to Thanks Ms. Sumaira for arranging all my applications .I would like to suggest all my friends for any type of visa service go though Ms SUMAIRA Zabeel Travels. Thanx Russia UK 1165 schengen2

  246. Tamer Elmaabady EU1

    Amazing friendly company .. they’ve achieved and got my visa on time.. thanks Mariam thanks Aldrich schengen2

  247. Charles Boumitri 1164 EU1

    Great, reliable service Russia UK 1164 schengen2

  248. Ann Ferlyn Roque 1179 EU1

    We’ve been using Go Urgent’s visa services since the beginning for our staff’s Russia Visa and we haven’t had any problems at all. Transactions were fast and smooth backed up by their assertive and approachable agents. Thanks to Ms. Karen for assisting us with all our requests. Five stars to this amazing team for the on-time delivery of documents and being amazing on what the do. Russia UK 1179 schengen2

  249. zahid hussain 1178 EU1

    Sumaira you are providing good service Thanks Russia UK 1178 schengen2

  250. Coolledge ‘s life! 1163 EU1

    Professional.. Even during Covid Russia UK 1163 schengen2

  251. Yammen Alabbas 1162 EU1

    Zabeel star is perfect company I had very good experience with them So fast and accurate in business specially Mr. Aldrich he is very support and professional Russia UK 1162 schengen2

  252. Nithya Ramadurai 1161 EU1

    Excellent coordination by the team for a smooth and easy Brazil Visa process. Special mention to Ms. Malou for all the help offered. Russia UK 1161 schengen2

  253. ss Singh 1160 EU1

    Amazing Services………Thank you Russia UK 1160 schengen2

  254. Ser Fer 1159 EU1

    Fast, reliable and efficient service. Needed a Russian visa urgently, Ulrich was helpful and very efficient – got my visa in time without having to move to the embassy, all I did is provide them with my passport and a photo Thank you again Russia UK 1159 schengen2

  255. Mohammad Abdulla 1158 EU1

    Recommended specially for visa service assistance they also can help with holiday packages Russia UK 1158 schengen2

  256. Shyn B 1157 EU1

    I have applied UK Visit Visa through Zabeel. And because of their promt and swift services I got my Visa comfortably. Special thanks to Aldrich Bazan, for handling my case accordingly. Will be in more business with you. Russia UK 1157 schengen2

  257. Mohsen Honarmand 1156 EU1

    Fast and Easy Documentation needed.. Got my visa Faster Russia UK 1156 schengen2

  258. Charles Fernandes 1149 EU1

    Got my UK visa with no difficulty. If any one looking for assistance and guidance in doing their visa application, I suggest you visit them and they will guide you throughout the process. My point of contact was Mr. Aldrich Bazan. He is really good at his work ???? Russia UK 1149 schengen2

  259. Satbeer Singh 1155 EU1

    I applied for Russia visa through Zabeel Star tours and the entire process very smooth and hassle free. Sumaira was very helpful and approachable for any assitance. Wud definately recommend Zabeel Star for any travel visa assistance. Russia UK 1155 schengen2


    Nice service Russia UK 1154 schengen2

  261. Demet Sahin 1153 EU1

    Wonderful experience with getting our visas to Russia. Super attentive and fast. Thank you Go Urgent! Russia UK 1153 schengen2

  262. Ahmed Almansouri 1148 EU1

    I got the service from a female agent her name is Malou she is professional, friendly and respond to the customers queries on the spot. She kept following up and updating me on the progress of the application from the date of submission until the time I received the visa, appreciate her support friendly approach and prompt response and follow. Not forgetting the service received from the PRO MR : Mohammed Alseboosi a very friendly and polite person he helped too in getting the documents collected and delivered on time it’s really a great pleasure to be serviced by such a beautiful, polite and excellent staff, their positive attitude is really remarkable. Also I would to thank and appreciate the delivery agent MR Arjay who delivered the document to my door with smile and warm greeting, I didn’t have an exact change and he took the hassle to go get the change and come back. It was a great experience a an absolute pleasure to be serviced by such a beautiful and professional team, I would really recommend that there efforts doesn’t go unnoticed. Russia UK 1148 schengen2

  263. Prince Masood 1147 EU1

    Service is quick and reliable. Got my Russia visa in 5 days. Coordinated by sumaira, visa requirements and details are clarified prior to application. Russia UK 1147 schengen2

  264. Hassan Ali 1146 EU1

    (Translated by Google) The best office is a collaborator, quick staff and wonderful customer service I took the least time to advise everyone in this office One of the best (Original) افضل مكتب متعاون وشغلهم سريع وخدمة العملاء رائعة واخذت اقل وقت انصح الجميع بهذا المكتب One of the best Russia UK 1146 schengen2

  265. Joe G 1145 EU1

    Thanks and special thanks to Imane Russia UK 1145 schengen2

  266. ANISH JOHN 1144 EU1

    Excellent service, fast processing. Staffs are cooperative, pleasant and have knowledge about the procedures. Would recommend their services to others. Russia UK 1144 schengen2

  267. mohamad amzeth 1152 EU1

    Amazing Services………Thank you Russia UK 1152 schengen2

  268. MOHAMED ALI 1151 EU1

    One of the best travel agent in Dubai . Fast service and very professional staff especially Karen Russia UK 1151 schengen2

  269. Hussein kiwan EU1

    I would like to say about Zabeel Star that when they Say something will do it on time as well , thank you Very much guys. Hope see you soon. Thanks Mr.Mohamad. schengen2

  270. akc bridge 1150 EU1

    Give them what they need and they will have it done as promised. Russia UK 1150 schengen2

  271. Qamar Abbas 1143 EU1

    Excellent experience! Very good behaviour. The girl sumaira was very kind and helpfull. I suggest to hire their service they have well experience staff. Thanks again sumaira and zabeel star travel. Russia UK 1143 schengen2

  272. Tony Felfly 1142 EU1

    Amazing Services………Thank you Russia UK 1142 schengen2

  273. Sajid Undre 1141 EU1

    This is first time ,I dealt with Zabeel Star Travel & Tourism , for Russia visa . The services offered by Ms. Sumaira was outstanding and I am very satisfied. Will recommend all my contacts to deal with this agency in future and offcoure I will stick to them forever . Thank you Sumaira for all your efforts to make the Russia’s visa within the odds situation. Russia UK 1141 schengen2

  274. Noor Jalal 1140 EU1

    Amazing staff and they are very fast Russia UK 1140 schengen2

  275. darine awad 1139 EU1

    Excellent service and very supportive .. Iman made sure to have everything right and on time???????? Highly recommended Russia UK 1139 schengen2

  276. Jagdeep shah 1138 EU1

    Amazing Services………Thank you Russia UK 1138 schengen2

  277. Rayn Mac 1137 EU1

    I got them online and I got my visa from home. Pickup, online payment, delivery back, airport transfer and free advice. I love these guys. Russia UK 1137 schengen2

  278. Monther Atari 1136 EU1

    Amazing service by sumaira!! Keep up the great work ☺️ Russia UK 1136 schengen2

  279. MAHER ALS KAR 1135 EU1

    Amazing Services………Thank you Russia UK 1135 schengen2

  280. Mohamad sameeh 1134 EU1

    Free Abu Dhabi pickup.. That is a wow.. They got my visa back same day Russia UK 1134 schengen2

  281. Sanjeeva Palapathwala 1133 EU1

    I returned home on 02 August after one week holiday in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia country that must include all travelers list . Great country with exceptional heritage of Culture , Arts , Music and ballet. Zumeira Naz was very helpful . And her assistance was excellent. Getting visa from Zabeel tours easy and stress free Zabeel tours makes traveler’ s wishes come true Russia UK 1133 schengen2

  282. Mazlooom maz 1132 EU1

    Outstanding service.. Well done. Russia UK 1132 schengen2

  283. Nischal Rajveer 1131 EU1

    Best service, friendly staff …Ahmed Smile is infectious ???? Russia UK 1131 schengen2

  284. Mohammed Shameel 1128 EU1

    Now I Receive Oman Visa The Service I Received From Zabeel Travel Was outstanding I unfortunately had delay in getting my visa because of my Emirates ID Expire that time my Oman Visa has stuck in system but the communication from Ms.Sumaira Naz is Good. Thanks For Every One From Zabeel Travel And Special Thanks To Ms.Sumaira Naz..May Allah Bless You And Your Family. Russia UK 1128 schengen2

  285. Omar Elyamny عمر اليمني 1127 EU1

    thank you so much sumaira for your service ???????? Russia UK 1127 schengen2

  286. Dana Zaher 1126 EU1

    Very professional and helpful Russia UK 1126 schengen2

  287. Amgad Osama 1125 EU1

    Amazing Services………Thank you Russia UK 1125 schengen2

  288. Emma Wood 1124 EU1

    I dealt with Sumaira and she was a great help from start to finish. Russia UK 1124 schengen2

  289. khalid kassim 1123 EU1

    Excellent and best Russia UK 1123 schengen2

  290. arjay yajra 1122 EU1

    fast and friendly staff i got my USA visa and china visa thank you karen and imane Russia UK 1122 schengen2

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