Change Visa during Corona

The announcements on visa and travel restrictions in the UAE to check the spread of coronavirus has raised several questions, as residents and visitors, both within and outside the country, are seeking more details on the directives, claiming they have huge repercussions for them. AE suspended the entry of all valid visa holders, who are currently out of the country for a renewable period of two weeks effective from noon on Thursday.® Urgent Visa Dubai -

Visitors within the UAE can extend their stay in the country by applying for a new visitor tourist visa through any tour agency, that was a relief however Government of UAE announces more relaxing announcing for tourists who cannot leave the country. No fine for tourists in the country and it was announced in the local newspaper.

in the other hand,  Local consulate and embassy have shut there door to issue any travel visas such as Russia, Thailand, USA, UK, Schengen State, Kenya, Irland, Japan, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia and many more. UAE residence usually approaches travel agents like Zabeel Travel and Urgent Travel to issue a Tourist visa. Many countries have closed doors for any comment but Travel agents like zabeeltravel were there to answer and refund customers on their holiday packages.

At midnight on Thursday, March 26, the skies above the UAE will go nearly inactive as all passenger flights in and out of the country will cease. The 3 major international airports will be closed to the traveling public until further notice. All UAE Airlines are returning to base except for Cargo airlines.

UAE residents received text messages from the ISP on Thursday, advising them to #StayHome during the weekend as traffic movement would be restricted. we are encouraging everyone to stay home and fight this pandemic outbreak. Everyone in the UAE is staying home and it’s time to spend and cook at home with loved ones.