Russia Consulate In Dubai

Russia Consulate In Dubai

Russia Consulate In Dubai: How To Get A Russian Visa In Less Than 3 Days.

Russia from Dubai

Russian Consulate In Dubai is the right place for getting Russian Visa Information. They offer very fast service and it is approved in less than 3 days. Call us +971566778825 If you are planning to visit Russia to see your relatives or friends, then visa is a must requirement. Both private and business travelers need a valid visa before entering Russia for tourism purpose. Even if you have booked tickets from an airline company, you still need a visa beforehand to get on board with your family and friends. Get a visa for Russia without going to the Consulate or Embassy.

If you want to travel to Russia and you do not have enough time, please contact us. Our company will be able to help you in obtaining a visa in the fastest possible way. We insure you have all documents ready and with our Russia office assisting instantly in getting required documents to obtain 1 day Russian visa. It is a team work involving Urgent Travel Team. Try us by calling +971566778825 or visit our page for immediate support.

You don’t have to visit consulate, embassy or even the visa center.

Requirement to apply

  • Original Passport valid 6 months
  • UAE residence
  • 1 Photo white background

if you are ready click here

We have free document pickup at your door steps.

Prepare for a holiday full of art, history, culture, adventure, and love. Our Russia holiday packages offer an incredible combination of adventure and entertainment where you have great accommodation, interesting activities, luscious food and more to enjoy. Explore the ancient heritage and rich culture of the largest city on the globe.

Can I book hotel to Russia?2022-11-14T09:11:18+04:00

Yes, you can book from UAE any hotel in Russia using hotel online booking systems like

Additional 23 international hotel operators operate more than 150 hotels in 38 Russian cities. The majority of the hotels operated by the international operators is concentrated in Moscow, the Moscow Region, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, and Ekaterinburg.

The most popular hotel online booking systems operating in Russia include

Can I send money to Russia from UAE?2022-03-23T07:31:34+04:00

Yes, Only 7 banks are affected by the sanctions that exclude them from the SWIFT system. The rest of the banks do not have any restrictions.

Which Airlines operate to Russia?2022-03-23T07:27:52+04:00

Airlines that fly to Moscow are Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airline, FlyDubai, Air Astana, Air Serbia, Etihad, Air Arabia, Qatar Air, Gulf Air, El Al, Air Armenia, FlyOne, SCAT, Uzbekistan Airlines, Somon Air, Sri Lankan Airways, Mongolian Airlines.

Direct flights from Dubai to Moscow are Emirates Airline, Fly Dubai, Etihad, Air Arabia

Are all Russian Attraction open for services?2022-03-23T07:25:42+04:00

Yes, Restaurants, hotels and museums work normally. Currently a QR code is not needed to enter them.

Is it possible to exchange currency at any bank in Russia?2022-03-23T07:21:13+04:00

Yes, you can exchange any currency at any bank in Russia without any problem from Euro, US Dollar or any foreign currency.

Do I need PCR test from Russia to Dubai or UAE?2022-12-01T10:11:34+04:00

There are no longer any COVID 19 testing, vaccination and quarantine requirements for entry to Russia. Foreign nationals must complete the entry form provided on board.

We suggest you to check with the Airline you are boarding with,

Do I need Travel Insurance to travel?2021-10-04T13:27:43+04:00

Yes, We can assist in purchasing travel insurance. Infact UAE Visa comes with Insurance included

How Long does it take to apply for Russia Business Invitation?2020-09-09T03:08:57+04:00

Business invitation takes between 1-3 Weeks depending on the nationality.

How long does it take to apply for Russia Tourist Invitation Letter from Dubai?2020-09-09T03:08:03+04:00

It will take you Less than 10 minutes, that’s all. You will need to send your application and we will take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about the tourist invitation, our price is inclusive invitation just provide us 1 photo and passport. Click here

What is the Diffrent between Russia Tourist and Business Invitation?2020-09-09T03:06:04+04:00

The Tourist Invitation Letter is a document that must be submitted along with your visa application. It is not an actual visa, but rather a document that the Russian government requires when applying for an actual visa. We are certified to provide such documents for UAE travelers who want to visit Russia.

What is the process time to get Russia visa in Dubai?2020-09-09T03:04:41+04:00

The processing time to obtain Russia Tourists Visa or Russia business Visa is between 1 day to 7 days depending on the urgency fee.

Please note some countries required 3 week’s (21 days) approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia. Please click here for more information

What document is required to obtain Russia Visa?2020-09-09T03:03:05+04:00

For Tourist and Business Russia Visa, We require the following

  • Passport Valid 6 months
  • 1 Photo white background

For more information about the required documentation based on the nationality click here

Do I need Russia Tourist Invitation or Business Invitation?2020-09-09T03:00:59+04:00

There are two kinds of invitation letters for foreign citizens visiting Russia:

  • Tourist Invitation Letter.
  • Business Invitation Letter.

We can provide you both however you need to inform us of the intension of traveling. call us!

هناك نوعان من رسائل الدعوة للأجانب الذين يزورون روسيا:

خطاب دعوة سياحي.
خطاب دعوة عمل.

يمكننا أن نوفر لك كليكما ولكنك تحتاج إلى إبلاغنا بنيّة السفر.

Do I need Russia Visa to Travel?2020-09-09T02:58:57+04:00

You can check the requirement based on nationality.  Click here

يمكنك التحقق من المتطلبات بناءً على الجنسية. انقر هنا


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