Saudi visa Appointment Dubai

Saudi visa Appointment Dubai

Saudi visa Appointment Dubai

The below is a step by step process to book your appointment.

  • Call +97143700400 to get fastest appointment with Urgent Travel in Dubai
  • Once logged in, select the option “Appointment booking system” at bottom of the page as per below…

Saudi visa stamping in Dubai

Get ready to get your Saudi visa stamped. To get a Saudi visa, you need to go through the following steps:

You will have to make an appointment first with the embassy (it’s not a good idea to just turn up and hope for the best). You’ll have to get a medical exam too. You will also have to go through multiple forms of police clearance and make sure that your spouse or any other family members in your country or in Dubai will not be affected by your application. The final step is getting a stamp on your passport, but this can take anywhere between 5-10 days.

My take away is that you can do it but it’s not easy.

You could get a Saudi Visa stamping in Dubai in either of the two ways that I have described above. Though it would take two days and few phone calls, I think it is worth the time and effort.

Following are some key things to be mindful of:

  • You can only opt for one of the consulates at least on a single day as your appointment for visa stamping is 9 am in the morning.
  • For applying for a driver’s license or residency ID, you have to come back another day after 7 days from the date of visa stamping
  • If you are not able to collect your passport on a particular day then you may have to come again after 7 days.