Is Credit Card Secure?

Yes. Emirates Bank is our partner and We do not retain your credit card information after the transaction is processed.

Is Credit Card Secure?2019-08-31T00:53:37+04:00

What kind of Visa Process?

UrgentTravel.ae® offers two types of Visa: Electronic visas (e-Visas) and traditional paper visas, based on your destination. In addition, we also offer the following services/documents that are required by certain [...]

What kind of Visa Process?2019-08-31T00:49:23+04:00

Why shell I choose UrgentTravel.ae®?

We help you get your travel visa in the simplest and fastest way possible. Through easy-to-use online application forms and world-class 24/7 customer service, we make the whole visa process [...]

Why shell I choose UrgentTravel.ae®?2019-08-31T00:47:59+04:00

When will I receive my Visa?

It depends on the country issuing the visa. Every service has a process time and expected date. Once you order, We will keep you updated visa SMS and Email for [...]

When will I receive my Visa?2019-08-31T00:45:34+04:00

How do I know that I need a visa?

Each Country has update to date information about the visa services, by selecting the nationality we can tell you if you need it or not. If you are not sure. [...]

How do I know that I need a visa?2019-08-31T00:42:08+04:00


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