UK Visa


Is the fee refundable?

No. Once the appointment is booked, you can reschedule based on available next appointment.

Is the fee refundable?2021-10-30T15:18:51+04:00

Is the appointment for Interview?

No, It is for Biomatrix (finger print). To obtain UK visa you must do finger print at appointment centers

Is the appointment for Interview?2021-10-30T15:15:02+04:00

What is acceptable bank statement for UK Visa?

It depends on your travel duration, we recommend minimum 300 British Pound per day depending on your hotel stay. So if you are travelling 10 days x 300 British pound.

What is acceptable bank statement for UK Visa?2021-10-30T15:09:18+04:00

When is the nearest UK appointment?

It depends, it always change and after making the payment we can verify with you. The appointment is for Biomatrix and not interview.

When is the nearest UK appointment?2021-10-30T12:31:00+04:00