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Can I book hotel to Russia?

Yes, you can book from UAE any hotel in Russia using hotel online booking systems like Booking.com. AirBNB, Agoda. Hotel.ru Oktogo.ru. Ostrovok.ru Additional 23 international hotel operators operate more than [...]

Can I book hotel to Russia?2022-03-23T07:34:44+04:00

Can I send money to Russia from UAE?

Yes, Only 7 banks are affected by the sanctions that exclude them from the SWIFT system. The rest of the banks do not have any restrictions.

Can I send money to Russia from UAE?2022-03-23T07:31:34+04:00

Can I use Visa or Mastercard in Russia?

Temporarily from March 10, VISA and MASTERCARD cards issued in foreign countries do not work within Russia, only cards issued within the Russian Federation will work. For this reason, payments [...]

Can I use Visa or Mastercard in Russia?2022-03-23T07:29:11+04:00

Which Airlines operate to Russia?

Airlines that fly to Moscow are Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airline, FlyDubai, Air Astana, Air Serbia, Etihad, Air Arabia, Qatar Air, Gulf Air, El Al, Air Armenia, FlyOne, SCAT, Uzbekistan Airlines, [...]

Which Airlines operate to Russia?2022-03-23T07:27:52+04:00


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